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rencontre virtuelle d'accordéonistes

Accordion Meeting

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"Accordion Reunion", a new collective work born on May 10, 2020 from our period of confinement to coronavirus.
A huge congratulations to all the participating musicians, students, artists and teachers who will meet in the film.
"Accordion Reunion" is composed of accordionist students from the conservatories of Bordeaux Metropole and the island of Reunion grouped around a little dance that I composed in 2012 for my friends in Reunion.
Around this project, 123 musicians mobilized, including 100 accordionists, students, teachers, amateur and professional artists: accordions, guitar, violins, trumpet, clarinets, keyboards, flute, drums and percussion…
Project participants:
The Bordeaux Conservatory, Bruno Maurice and Myriam Lafargue, teachers
The Conservatory of Reunion Island and Ariane Lorentz, teacher
The conservatories of Cenon, Lormont and Carine Costaz, teacher
The conservatories of Bruges, Villenave d'Ornon and Caroline de Nadaï, teacher
The Conservatory of Mérignac and Danièle Puges, teacher
Esther Brayer, bassist (National Orchestra of Bordeaux Aquitaine)
Jacques Di Donato, improviser clarinetist (National Conservatory of Music of Lyon, Radio France Philharmonic)
The School of Music of Pessac Verthamon Haut brion and Jocelyn Gaillardo, teacher
The tuner's rock school, St Denis de Pile
The musical practice of the dr. Larse, Bègles
Patrick Brugalières, accordionist artist
The school of St André de la Réunion and Pierre Varo, teacher and conductor of the Polyphonia orchestra,
Titok, Reunion artist

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