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Biographie accordéoniqte

Biography of the accordeonist

"In concert, his instrument and his body is one. To the point that when he plays the instrument, it is as if he makes the accordion’s sound with his own breath. He plays in different styles : « musette », orchestral instrument, and especially experimental accordion. Thanks to interpretations of Bruno Maurice, the accordion is reborn. » Resmusica, 2005.


Biographie Bruno Maurice

Accordionist, composer, improviser, found of travels and people meetings, Bruno Maurice goes around the world, solo or accompanied by its various formations, inseparable from his “Appassionata”, genuine stradivarius of the accordion.

Bruno Maurice begins learning the accordion at the age of six. At the age of 23 he left to study at the Kiev Tchaikovsky Academy with the famous Ukrainian virtuoso Vladimir Besfamilnov Vladimirevitch. Finally, his passion for the sound of Russian instruments led him to learn the russian "bayan" by himslef, although Russian accordions design system is specific and completely different from the Western keyboards. Bruno Maurice plays actually on two unique instruments in the world, in the series "Appassionata", true masterpieces of bayans signed Vasily Koechlin.

Prize of the President of the French Republic (1988), prize of the SACEM (1988) 1st international prize in Florence (1992), winner of the international Competition of Stockholm (1995), graduated of the Klingenthal international competition (1995), 1st international prize (Chamber music) of Florence (1992), he regularly participates in recordings, and he has produced three solo CDs and is preparing a new album of his compositions.

Bruno Maurice is one of the rare accordionists to perform in solo recital. He is regularly present as a soloist in chamber and symphonic music with the "Symphonists of Aquitaine", the Symphony Orchestra of the Garde Républicaine, the “Choeurs de l’Armée Française”, the Taipei National Symphony Orchestra, …

He takes part in many creations in french ensembles of contemporary music such as Ars Nova, Proxima Centauri, 2E2M, Laboryntus creation, collaborating with composers Bernard Cavanna, Yu-Chung Tseng, Jean-Yves Bosseur, François Rosse, Etienne Rolin, Oscar Strasnoy, Vincent Paulet.

As Composer and improviser, Bruno Maurice played the creation of his own concerto “Cri de Lame” (the soul’s cry) in 2007 with the "Symphonists of Aquitaine", which he played again in April 2011 for a tour in Taiwan at the invitation of the Taipei Symphony Orchestra.

With Mieko Miyazaki (koto) and Manuel Solans (violin), he created the Miyazaki Trio (world music with japanese and french flavour), they recorded the "Sai - ko" CD in 2008. Since 2009 he regularly plays with Jacques Di Donato (clarinet) in a contemporary duo “Anches multiples” (multiple reeds) where improvisation, tradition and contemporary music are living together.

In April 2011, invited by the Chinese Professor Cao Xiaoqing, Bruno Maurice was the first French accordionist to give a recital at the Beijing Central Conservatory. He gave there masterclasses and initiated a project of future pedagogic collaboration.

Requested by the “Symphonists of Aquitaine” and by the “Réunion Island Regional Symphonic Orchestra”, he is currently writing a double concerto for accordion and clarinet for his duo with Jacques Di Donato. Finally, in a register-oriented "world music", he prepares for 2013 a new CD in Duo with the Vietnamese singer Huong Thanh.

Bruno Maurice teaches at the Jacques Thibaud Bordeaux Conservatory and at the french Academy-Festival des Arcs.


Accordéoniste et compositeur
Bordeaux, France
+33(0)6 18 08 48 10
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