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In concert, his instrument and his body are one. To the point that when he plays the instrument, it is as if he makes the sound with his own breath. He plays in different styles : « musette », orchestral instrument, and especially experimental accordion. Thanks to interpretations of Bruno Maurice, the accordion is reborn. (Resmusica, 2005)

Musica appassionata

Born on the 21th january 1970 in Châtellerault (France), Bruno Maurice begins to play accordion at six years old with his professors Arlette and Jean-Marie Dazas.
Immediately fascinated by the power of expression of music and by the potential of the accordion in both its rich sound and cultural openness, he decided at the age of ten to devote his life to music.


At the age of 17 he went to Paris to receive the teachings of the concert artist Frédéric Guerouet for which he has the greatest admiration.
After a bachelor’s degree, he obtained in 1992 a degree and a CAPES in musicology at the University of Tours. In addition to his first years as a teacher in national education, he was actively preparing for international competitions at the Tchaikovsky Academy of Kiev (Ukraine) with Vladimir Vladimirevich Besfamilnov.


Passionate about instrument making and the extraordinary expressiveness of the sound of Russian accordions (bayan), encouraged by Vladimir Besfamilnov, he realized his dream and returned from Kiev in 1997 with a bayan Appassionata … Faced with the technical constraints imposed by Russian keyboard systems (reversed to standard keyboards), he undertakes a fundamental change in his keyboards technique.

He now plays two instruments of this small series “Appassionata”, exceptional instruments considered in Russia as true Stradivarius, designed by the brilliant engineer Vassili Koelchin (between 1970 and 1989), including the exceptional instrument of Vladimir Vladimirevich Besfamilnov (5 right-hand keyboard voices, two piccolos, 19 registers, 10 associating chin-registers, 3 left-hand keyboard voices with 138 basses).


Accordion in many winds …

Soloist sought in the chamber and symphonic music, he is the guest of the “Symphonists of Aquitaine”, the Republican Guard Orchestra, the regional orchestra of Reunion Island, the symphony orchestra from Taipei, …

In contemporary creation ensembles such as Ars Nova, 2E2M, Proxima Centauri and Laboryntus, he participated in creations by collaborating with composers Bernard Cavanna, Jean-Yves Bosseur, François Rossé, Etienne Rolin, Oscar Strasnoy and Martin Matalon.

Bruno Maurice performs in recital in a repertoire of all styles and periods, from J.S. Bach, M. de Falla, A. Piazzolla to V. Semyonov, his compositions and personal improvisations in the contemporary repertoire of L. Berio, F. Bedrossian. ..

In 2005, with Mieko Miyazaki (koto) and Manuel Solans (violin) he created the “Miyazaki Trio” (world music). Since 2009 he joins Jacques Di Donato in an improvisation duet. In 2010, together Pasarela, with Jérôme Voisin (clarinet), Maud Lovett (violin) and Frederic Lagarde (piano) in a program with Latin colors from Western Europe to South America.

In 2010 he creates his own label inSpir ‘.

In April 2011, invited by Professor Cao Xiaoqing, he is the first French accordionist to give recital at the Central Conservatory of Beijing where he directs masterclasses. From 2015 he plays in the trio “Evea” with Jean-Louis Constant (violin) and Mariane Muglioni (cello). In 2019 he formed the duet with Raphaël Jouan on the cello, on a repertoire ranging from popular to scholarly music.


Bruno Maurice writes for the accordion in small ensembles, but also with solo with string orchestra. Thus he has three concertos with string orchestra, commands of the orchestra “Symphonists of Aquitaine”: “Cree of Blade” (2007) for accordion, “Turbulences” (2013), double concerto for accordion and clarinet, “Aquarius” (2019), double concerto for accordion and bandoneon.


The passion to transmit

Pédagogue, Bruno Maurice teaches at the PESMD (Pole of Higher Education of Music and Dance) Bordeaux Aquitaine (since 2014), at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux (since 2001), at the Académie-Festival des Arcs (since 2002) and gives master classes in conservatories in France and abroad.


Accordéoniste et compositeur
Bordeaux, France
+33(0)6 18 08 48 10

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